Guide for Authors

  1. Please prepare your manuscript according to the following template.
  2. Convert your paper to pdf format.
  3. Go to the following link to register the paper   
    Submit your paper
  4. To submit the paper, you need to input the information of all authors, create a paper password, choose possible paper domains, and input the paper abstract.
  5. Upon submitting, an ID will be assigned to the paper.
  6. Please make sure to keep the Paper ID.
  7. Please make sure to send your paper registration fees before the deadline so that your paper can be reviewed. (failure to send the paper registration fees will imply that your paper will not be reviewed and your submission will be considered null  fees).
  8. You can then track the review of your paper using the following link
    Check paper Status
  9. An email will be sent confirming the acceptance or rejection of your paper along with the reviewers comments.

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